Your team will deliver better marketing results in 2017:



All I ask for is one day in your office with them

I know, I’ve heard it before: “My team has their blocking and tackling covered.” Go ask your direct reports to name the 4 Ps and/or the Nine Tenets of Response Marketing—both underpinnings of all successful CRM. How many will answer with a shrug?

Today, more than ever, it is critical for all marketing teams to properly apply the 4Ps and the Nine Tenets to existing strategies and tactics to deliver greater profits at a time when success is far-too-often measured in likes, retweets, shares, pins, completions, drop-offs, engagement and click-throughs.

Derek Jeter took batting practice every day. Tom Brady throws every day. The London Symphony rehearses every day. NASA is legendary for its preparation and rehearsals. I help brands and their marketing teams get focused—and teach how to stay focused—on the fundamentals that matter most for response marketing success.

And it can all be done in just one day at your location. Prefer to get out of the office? We can do it at my place in Napa—but from 9-5, we will be working with water rather than wine. Already graduated from this seminar? Ask about our Masters Class where we review maximizing LTV through Vintage Assessments, open windows, hard working copy, avoiding neatness, tour guides and much more.

How can I be so sure of this program’s effectiveness? I have over 30 years’ experience teaching marketing teams how to increase portfolio values, regardless of industry. I have worked with hundreds of brands and thousands of clients to make certain marketing teams are all working toward the exact same measurable CPA and LTV goals specific to each marketing execution.


Uniquely balanced marketing consultant, strategist and business executive with 30 years of proven success helping Fortune 500 clients identify opportunities and measurables to create strategies which exceed measurable board room objectives. Uncommon ability to identify and capitalize on customer expectations in a way that simultaneously increases acquisition rates, retention and customer lifetime values – resulting in higher brand value. A valued team leader wherever he goes, Jay knows how to motivate and get results from the teams he works with.