As a CMO, what if you had to:

  • • instantly adapt to a “new marketing reality”?
  • • improve your marketing department’s “subpar” ROI in four months or else lose
    your job?

A parable for every ad professional, The Legend of Svet’s tells the tale of Mark Hogan, chief marketing officer of the popular Svet’s regional department store chain.

Follow Hogan as he battles the clock and a seemingly impossible challenge that reveals how so many advertisers have gone astray and how they can get back on track.

Packed with humor and insight, The Legend of Svet’s dispels any notion that catchy brand-awareness ads alone can save a client’s sales – and a marketing job.

Praise for The Legend of Svet’s

“A moral that all people in advertising should take to heart.”
– from Foreword by Don Schultz

“An entertaining tale… not only can you be both creative and accountable, you must be.”
– Greg Stern, CEO, Butler Shine Stern and Partners

“Miller has presented the need to avoid the incentive-based brand death spirals that many implement as the path to ROI.”
– Lori Lyons, manager of ROMI (2005-2007), Nissan USA

“Highlights a sales manager’s world: increasing sales through marketing spend, the metric on which success is judged.”
– George Shumny, vice president of sales, Method Home Products

“Required reading for every MBA candidate…boards of directors and C-level executives should demand it from the top.”
– Nora Ligurotis, president, TargetCom

“An insight that all CEOs should embrace.”
– Greg Robitaille, managing director, TCS Capital Group

“Challenges readers to tie success to real performance metrics or face the music.”
– Allison Barber, founder, Sodenta